Ritz - Two-Pole Strain Carrier


The Two-pole Strain Carrier (RC401-2174 to RC401-2179 series) relieves the mechanical strain of the insulator string so it can be removed from the energized line for to be changed, either in single or multi-insulator string according to the string arrangement hardware.

Strain Poles are used with adjustable pole clamps and yokes, with trunnions and strain jacks.

Through the adjustable pole clamp the energized side suspension or anchor yokes are coupled to the Strain Poles. The pole clamps can be adjusted manually or with a Hot Stick.

The energized side yoke includes a steel hook.
The yokes are constructed of rolled aluminum sheets and include a hook string for anchoring to the structure.

The rated working capacity is: 6804 daN (15000 lb).

Strain Pole Working Length (m) Approx. Weight
Minimum Maximum kg lb
RC401-2174 RC401-2144 1,09 1,88 33,70 74,30
RC401-2175 RC401-2145 1,40 2,19 34,00 74,96
RC401-2176 RC401-2146 1,78 2,57 34,50 76,06
RC401-2177 RC401-2147 2,32 3,10 35,20 77,60
RC401-2216 RC401-2215 2,78 3,57 36,20 79,81
RC401-2178 RC401-2148 3,61 4,40 36,70 80,91
RC401-2179 RC401-2149 4,75 5,54 38,20 84,22

Strain Jacks, adjustable pole clamps, trunnions or yokes can be purchased separately as replacement parts.

The above mentioned Double Strain Carriers are supplied with the following components:
-    02 Ø 51 mm RITZGLAS® Strain Poles, with clevis heads and pins and cotter pins;
-    01 Yoke RC401-1721 for anchoring to the structure (including its respective string Rm1942);
-    01 Yoke RC401-1720 for hot-end mounting;
-    02 strain jacks RE401-1998 (305 mm);
-    02 Adjustable pole clamp RE401-0138;
-    02 Small Trunnions RE401-2068;
-    01 Socket for Yoke RC401-1720