Ritz, specialized in the design and manufacture of tools and equipment for maintenance work on de-energized and energized electrical systems, expands its product portfolio and introduces the new Insulating Gloves, designed to provide excellent protection, comfort and long service life.

Available in class 00 to 4, sizes 8 to 12, including medium sizes, the insulating rubber gloves have high dielectric and mechanical resistance, flexibility, durability and meet the requirements of ASTM D120 and NBR 10622 - 16295 / IEC 90603.

The Insulating Gloves are tested in the laboratory according to the specifications and criteria established by Brazilian and international standards, sent along with test reports, providing greater reliability, ensuring safety to users.

ASTM D120 and NBR 10622 - 16295 / IEC 90603


Cat. No. AC Class Sticker Color
Max. Operating voltage Proof Test Voltage
 RTZ-00 500 2.500 00 Beige
 RTZ-0 1.000 5.000 0 Red
 RTZ-1 7.500 10.000 1 White
 RTZ-2 17.000 20.000 2 Yellow
 RTZ-3 26.500 30.000 3 Green
 RTZ-4 36.000 40.000 4 Orange