Intended for the protection of electricians against accidents by contact at energized points of the structure during maintenance in electrical networks. Due to its flexibility, it allows the covering of irregularly shaped parts such as disconnecting switch, secondary racks, pin insulators, anchor chains, crossings, etc.

These blankets are made bright orange, type II (resistant to ozone effects). The Slotted and Three-Slot Type , allow special applications in quite diverse situations, which require smaller folds.

Fixing by plastic button (LIR-BLR) and manual plastic peg (FLV16886-1).

Nominal work voltage (phase/phase): 36kV (Class 4 / Type II / Construction Style A)


Cat. No. Description Approx.

Nominal Thickness

Approx. Weight (lb)
 LR-4/II  Solid 910 x 910 4,00 9.70 
 LR-SP-4/II  Slotted 910 x 910 4,00 9.92 
 LR-SP-4/II-30396  Slotted 1000 x 1400 4,00 9.92 
 LR-TP-4/II  Three-slot 900 x 1100 4,00 12.60 


Cat. No. Description
 LIR-BLR Plastic button for fixing of insulated rubber blankets
* order plastic pins separately. They are not supplied with the blankets